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TrustFundRegistry™ is a wealth-building online platform curated for BIPOC families that offers the ability for every child to have a trust fund-like investment portfolio to protect their future.

Financial Investment Made Simple

Generate an investment portfolio personalized from everything family oriented, including family goals and family members. Close individuals looking to support children are able to choose savings goals and select either a one-time payment, recurring monthly deposit, or annual gift.


Starting Off Early

As a platform, TrustFundRegistry™ aims to achieve better outcomes for children through the installment of wealth creation habits and financial support systems from a young age.

Representing The Underrepresented

By dismantling the myth that investing money should be a process associated with wealth, our goal of prioritizing the needs of children helps to invest in our communities, overcoming mindsets surrounding building wealth for generations to come.

We also aim to provide resources to communities who have none. Money is fair game and should be allocated wisely with the right help.

What People Are Saying?

Alexis Wheaton, 24

“By using TrustFundRegistry™, I can ensure that I the protect children in my life by safeguarding their financial future and wellbeing.”

Kamala Jones, 68

“TrustFundRegistry™ offered me the ability to set up an investment portfolio for my niece, and helps ensure her protection for her academic future.”

Jamila Keaton, 37

“Through TrustFundRegistry, I can create a plan for the children in my life and continue to invest easily and accordingly.”

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